Few days ago I went for short trip to Oughterard, Co. Galway. Haven’t cycled for 10 years till then:)

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Tough Love is a short documentary film made on course How to Make a Documentary from Galway Film Centre.
I’ve asked friends of mine if they want to spend a day with us so we can film them having a training together. Ken Horan is top amateur kickboxer and Aoife Sharkey is his partner. I’ll let you watch the film to see rest of the story.

Big thanks to Jill Beardsworth from TWOPAIR films for teaching me so many new things.
Also thanks to rest of the crew, Aoife and Ken!

tough love from No8three on Vimeo.

Few pictures from making of short documentary about lovely couple who likes to fight:)
Film should be ready soon.

tough love-bhs-15


tough love-bhs-16

tough love-bhs-17

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Simona has the longest legs I’ve ever seen, seriously:)
When we were walking to the location one of the guys who was staring at her nearly fell off his bike.
She is very professional and I hope I’ll have a chance to work with her again.
Model and styling: Simona Va, Make up: Magdalena Slazak, Hair: Piotr Bartłomiej Bieniasz







Had a great time with Sebastian. He is very good to work with, I was laughing all the time:)
Grooming Magdalena Slazak.





For all sort of artists.

October 2011
Model: Jagoda Gołębiowska MUA: Alexandra Sieradzka

I had lovely day at the beach. We were so lucky with the weather, couldn’t believe it wasn’t raining.
Great team to work with, thank you again.
Model/Styling: Alexandra Sieradzka
Model/Styling: Philip Brett
MUA: Ailsing Kelly
Hair stylist: Julianne Hennelly

It was last chance to meet with Jagoda before she went back to Poland.
I had headache for all day but took painkillers and was kind of ok for photo shoot.
When Alex finished makeup we were ready. On the way to the location it started raining.
We ended up in small cabin, I think it could be smoking room or something:)
Anyway, I am happy with the result.
MUA Alexandra Sieradzka

Makeup/styling: Alexandra Sieradzka
Hair: Piotr Bartłomiej Bieniasz
Model: Vaiga Linkeviciute
This was my first time working with Vaiga, think she did very good. Doesn’t she remind you of Kate Moss on few shots?